Slideshows can be easily integrated into any web page.
You can embed it directly without downloading it or you can download it and put it on your own web server.

1. Embed it directly without downloading

To embed the slideshow on your website, simply copy&paste the comSlider snippet code into any place you want in your website's HTML.
You can modify your slideshow later without need to recopy the snippet code, changes will be reflected automatically.

For the integration into any website use comSlider snippet for:


For a seamless integration with some leading website builder platforms use a customized comSlider snippet for:

2. Download it and add it in your website

Download your custom slideshow. Extract zip files to your website and see comslider.html for further information or demo.html to see how it's made. When you will modify your slideshow later, you won't have to update the slideshow code on your website's HTML. Just download it again and extract zip files over existing ones.